Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Random Business Stuff

I keep telling myself (and my husband) that this is the year. MY year. The year when things will finally come together for me. The year when I will stop treating Eleventeen Apparel like a 'side buisness' and start going at it as my primary business. I've had this business for a few years and have more or less proceeded to fly by the seat of my pants on a lot of things. Yes, I have a registered business name, collect required taxes, and file all pertinent forms, but I do believe I have been missing a lot of important things too.

The biggest part of my biz that I am missing is an actual business plan. I realize that working from my home I do not need as extensive a plan as say, someone who has a retail shop downtown, but I do need some sort of plan outlining what my target market is, who my competitors are, what my goals are, and how I am going to reach said goals. I have already started a rough draft which will be completed by the end of next week. I am looking forward to getting this finished and having a document that basically says I took some time to think about my business and where it is headed. I think I will take myself more seriously once I have this!

The second thing I am missing and want to concentrate on in the coming months is, honestly, opening my mouth. I tend to rely soley on word of mouth (other peoples' mouths!) to spread the news of my business. I need to take control of my own sucess is this aspect. If I don't tell anyone that I am here, if I don't tell them what I do, then how can I expect my business to grow? This year I have plans for local advertising and potential placement in some local apparel stores. It is scary to put myself out there, but it needs to be done! That being said, don't stop telling your friends about me! Word of mouth has helped me to make it this far, and business will continue to increase with your help!

The last thing I need to do this year is really get a handle on my inventory. How much fabric do I have here in my studio? What types of fabric? How many yards of each? I need to take some time and make a spreadsheet listing all of these things. Life will be a lot easier once that task is complete!

Well, it is 7:00 now. The kids are in bed and it is time for me to get to work doing what I love! The skirts are coming along very well. I am excited to see all of the girls wearing them when they have their dance photos done. I will have one to post once they come in! Yay!

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