Saturday, February 19, 2011

Halfway There!

I just finished skirt #20 this afternoon. I am now over the halfway point with the skirts. Only 18 to go! Hoping I can zip through 10 more by March 2nd's dance class. Right now I am on point to have them all completed on March 9th. That is two weeks earlier than originally thought!

Other things in the works are:
*More snack bags. I have been asked about these a lot and unfortunately have not put any new ones up on Etsy. I have a basket of them sitting on my cutting table that I just haven't photographed yet.

*Semi-formal dresses. I was in the Portland Mall last weekend and saw the most beautiful dress. I just HAVE to make my version of it! Excited to get started on this idea and possibly try to get it into a local clothing shop here in town. (I've scoped out a couple, but haven't asked if they would carry a local designer yet). We'll see where that goes.

*I am booking appointments for graduation dresses now through May 1st. Please contact me if you are interested!

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