Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Last fall a customer of mine sent this photo she found in a magazine of an asymmetrical cardigan she was interested in having custom made. The following is my reproduction of the cardigan.
(I really should have a picture taken on me instead of just the dressform). Cardigan is made from a white jersey material that is super soft with plenty of stretch. Sleeves are 3/4 length and fitted. Cardigan has a long asymmetrical scarf-like collar that cascades to the longest point just above the knee. The back of the cardigan is not straight across; it scoops upward to its shortest point just above the belt line.
I actually liked this design so much I made one for myself in black. Ends can be tied or left to hang. Very cute dressed up or down!


Julia said...

I think these are quite cute. But every time I go shopping and ask someone's opinion, all I get is "meh". I think I'll stop asking people that don't share my taste in clothes anyway ;)

~Angela~ said...

Just made a new one in black/grass green. Check it out on Etsy! (Pics aren't that great...will have better ones posted soon)