Monday, January 26, 2009

"Just for Moms"

Hope you are staying warm during the cold winter! I've been staying inside working on some exciting new items to add to the shop. Within the next few weeks I will be adding a new line to Eleventeen Apparel called "Just for Moms". This line will start out consisting of nursing shawls, fitted slings, and cloth diapers. All are original designs from Eleventeen Apparel!

The nursing shawls are made of soft suede and come in a variety of colors. Shawls are 'one size fits all'. These are made with an ample amount of material for adequate privacy while nursing. Each shawl comes with a coordinating carry bag. Just roll up the shawl and place it in the bag for easy storage in a diaper bag, stroller, or at home.

Baby wearing seems to be becoming more and more popular! With just one simple measurement, I can create a fitted sling in a fabulous print just for you. Slings are made from 100% high-end cotton fabric, double thickness for durability. Seams are all serged for a durable, long-lasting sling. Normal wash & dry.

Let's face it, babies cost a lot of money! How about saving money on disposable diapers by purchasing a set of cloth diapers? These diapers are made of top of the line materials and constructed with attention to detail to ensure a great fit. The outer shell of the diaper is made of soft, fashionable minky with a PUL waterproof backing. Inner part of the diaper is made of microfleece to pull moisture away from baby. Diaper features a pocket in the microfleece layer with a removable 4-layer bamboo terry soaker pad to hold moisture and keep it from baby's skin. Add two soaker pads in the pocket for nighttime use. Legs and back of diaper feature 3/8" elastic for a close fit. Wide Aplix hook and loop closure along the font of the diaper can be adjusted to accommodate newborn to toddler sizes.

"Just for Moms" coming soon to

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