Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy 2009!

Happy New Year! I've been slacking off when it comes to this blog. Sorry about that! The holidays were just so busy some things had to take a backseat. I was very busy with projects over the holidays. I made a few things for my oldest daughter (she's into dress-up, so I made her a bunch of dress-up clothes), I made a fleece hoodie for one of my nephew's, did a few special orders, and even managed to make a cardigan for myself. I have posted some pictures of the black cardigan below.

I took on a few special orders for baby items over the holidays. I am actually thinking about adding a "Just for Moms" line to Eleventeen Apparel. One of the orders I filled was for a nursing shawl. My client sent me a few websites with shawls she was interested in. I drafted a pattern and went to work! When she sends pictures I will definately post them. The shawl was made of a super soft pink suede. I made the pattern a OSFA. It is very roomy and can be worn the usual way or slightly off one shoulder. It is long enough to allow lots of privacy when nursing. This could also be used to drape over a car seat to shade baby from the sun.

Last week I received a request for cloth diapers. I am currently working on some samples to see which design will work best. This particular set of diapers is going to be made with plush minky on the outside and bamboo material as the inside lining. The diapers will feature large "soaker pad" made of terry cloth wrapped in microfiber fleece. I'm excited to take on this project as it will definately be a challenge for me. I never thought I would be designing diaper patterns! So far so good...lots of praying, minimal amounts of cursing! I'll keep everyone posted on how they are coming along.

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