Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Sites for 2012

Looking to expand my work, I plan on trying out some new sites this year. Pinterest is starting to grow and develop into a wonderful little community of people sharing their favorites...places, hobbies, inspiration, and other "things". I started poking around a little bit on there and thought I'd sign up for an account. I think it would be a fantastic place to post pictures of designers that inspire me, clothing that I'd love to make, and places I would like to visit sometime. I haven't pinned anything on my boards yet, but look for me!

Another site I'm going to try this year is Model Mayhem. I originally thought that this was a community strictly for models and photographers. WRONG! They also accept clothing designers, make-up/hair stylists, and other individuals looking to break into the industry. I'm so excited to become part of this network and see what type of connections I can make.

Along with these new sites, you can still find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Etsy!

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