Saturday, January 15, 2011

Costumes day 6

I have been working on the dance costumes for 6 days now. I have cut 36 yards of satin and 40 yards of tulle so far! In order to make one skirt it takes 3 panels of satin and 6 panels of tulle (this makes 2 layers for the underskirt). Each skirt will have a front apron, back bustle, or back double bustle.

Right now I have 26 hangers with at least one piece on them. (This makes me feel accomplished!)

No skirt has been totally assembled yet, but I will be working on that tomorrow. I'm not exactly sure how the front apron is going to look on these since my sample had the back bustle. I will be putting together a skirt with a front apron tomorrow to see how it will look.

Here is a look at my rolling rack as of last night. Keep checking back for updates on how this project is coming along!

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