Friday, January 21, 2011

Costumes Day 12

Cutting, cutting, and more cutting! To break it down, these costumes are made from 160 yards of tulle, 80 yards of charmeuse satin, 50 yards of grosgrain ribbon, 40 yards of Velcro, and countless spools of thread! This translates to 114 panels of satin (3 per skirt) and 228 panels of tulle (6 per skirt), which equals more than 40 hours of cutting time! Thankfully, I am now in the home stretch of cutting. Now the fun begins...the assembly process!

Here is a look at my rolling rack as of last night. I now have pieces on 32 out of 38 hangers. I will be filling the remaining 6 hangers today! Hoping to have the first batch of finished skirts in Heather's hands by the first week in February. I'm looking forward to seeing their routine with the costumes!

Are you a dancer in this number? Would you like to know your skirt color? "Like" my Facebook page and post your inquiry to my wall. I will gladly let you know what colors you will be wearing!

Stay tuned for more updates and pictures on the costumes!

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