Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here Comes the Bride

Last week I was asked by my Uncle's fiancee' to make her wedding dress. She knows exactly what she wants for a dress and sent me some great pictures to look over. The dress is going to have two pieces; a long satin body-skimming dress with a long chiffon overlay that meets in the center with a rhinestone covered oval. This is a beautiful design and I am excited to be able to recreate this for her!

Since they live out of state and she won't be able to have many fittings, I am opting to go with a princess seam dress which will eliminate the bust darts and make fitting a one-step process.  I think the chiffon overlay is just gorgeous. The way it criss-crosses under the bust and comes together with the rhinestone oval is very flattering. I am currently up in the air about which way I am going to go on the center detail. I may do the criss cross or I may go the route of the twisted tees and twist the center area and put the oval over it. I haven't decided yet. I'll play around with both ideas in muslin to see which looks the best.

Here are some photos that she sent me. This is a great dress and I am honored to be able to recreate this for their big day!

(I don't know why the pictures are so small...when I adjust them they are blurry)

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