Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Valentine's Project

Santa brought my 5-year-old daughter a sewing machine for Christmas. She has a real interest in learning to sew like Mommy. Awwww...yes, I'm psyched about it!

We have been starting with super simple things since her attention span is about as long as my pinkie finger. The first time we sat down I went over the parts of the machine, what to touch and what not to touch, and how the machine worked. She wasn't too interested in the details, she just wanted to do a project! I had her make a simple sleeping bag for her Barbie by taking two pieces of fabric right sides together and sewing along two long sides and one short side. It took maybe 15 minutes total time, but she was soooo proud of her accomplishment!

The second time she wanted to make a birthday gift for my husband. We decided on little pouches for his Wii controllers. (Again, 3 straight stitches). She picked out some nice football print fleece and went to work. The excitement and anticipation of what Daddy was going to think of her work put a huge smile on my face. She was so proud as she handed him the two fleece pouches.

She is ready to do another project now, but I know she must be tiring of the same old three stitch process. I found this Valentine buddy on Craft Elf.

I think it will be the perfect next step to take in her sewing journey. I know that her little sister will be tickled pink when she gets this Valetine from her big sister, handmade with love.


craftelf said...

The link to the stuffed Valentine Person is not working. The correct link is

I think your link just has an extra l at the end of the link.
Thank you and happy crafting!

~Angela~ Eleventeen Apparel said...

Thank you! I just fixed it!