Friday, January 1, 2010

Hitting the Gym?

Did anyone make a New Year's resolution to lose weight or go to the gym more often? It seems to be a very popular, if not the MOST popular resolution.  Anticipating the exodus of people from their homes to the nearest gym, I have started making some athletic pieces suitable for the gym, yoga, aerobics, or other activities where a little extra support and comfort may be needed.

I'm in the final stages of this sport bra, but thought I would share some pictures now. This bra is made of rayon/lycra with lots of stretch. Simple design with a low scoop back that won't peek out of your t-shirt like a racerback style bra. Comfortable straps made of the same material; double stitched for durability. Elastic band at the bottom for support. All seams are serged.

The pictures below are of the unfinished bra. I ran out of 3/4" elastic today and need to make a visit to the local fabric shop for more before finishing this up. From the pictures you can see the style and construction of this bra. I'm looking forward to getting this in the shop and making it available to you. (The pictures are dark due to lack of natural light today! Hoping to get some better ones tomorrow)

Currently available in nude, but other colors will come in the future.

Sizes available:
32/34, 34/36, 36/38

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