Thursday, January 7, 2010

Draping Part II

The learning continues as I teach myself to drape. This morning I put an elastic in the neck edge of my shirt. This was a step that could not be passed over. No one wants to wear a shirt that is constantly falling down! I measured the elastic on my dress form prior to deciding how much to use. After making a simple casing and sliding the elastic through, I put the shirt on the dress form to make sure the fit was correct.

Being happy with the neckline, I proceeded to finish the sleeve. Remember, this was supposed to be a long sleeved top, but was adapted to a short flutter sleeve after realizing I didn't allow enough room in the sleeve for an arm that was any bigger than, say a 5-year-old's. I thought I could do an easy rolled hem on the sleeve and have it come out fabulous...WRONG! This is my rolled hem sleeve edge. Not so wonderful.

After mulling over my options, I finally settled on finishing the sleeve the usual way, with a nice hem. I'm pleased with the way it looks!

I did cut the shirt to the length that I prefer. Tonight I will put a nice hem on it and hopefully be ready to try on the finished garment! I will have a final post regarding this shirt with finished pictures, stay tuned!

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