Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A new venture

My four-year-old started taking dance classes last week. She asked me if she was going to wear a tutu in her ballet class. Now, I took dance back when I was four and no one ever wore a tutu; they were strictly used for the recitals. I told my daughter that no, she would not be wearing a tutu during class, but at the end of the year she would have a fancy costume with a tutu for her recital. Until then she would just be wearing a leotard and tights.

We walked into the studio and out of the 20 little girls in her class I'd say about 18 were wearing tutus. All of them were different. Some had big fluffy elaborate tutus. Some had one layer simple tutus. A few were purple, more were pink, and most all of them had some sort of sparkle. CRAP! (Mom feels like a total idiot moment!) She looked up at me with those sad eyes and before she could say anything I quickly shot out, "Don't worry, we'll get you one!"

So, yesterday was day two of dance class. As we entered the studio we see the 18 little girls who were wearing tutus last week in totally different tutus. This was bigger than I thought. These girls had MULTIPLE tutus. Not to mention, the one other girl who didn't have a tutu last week, had one this week. (Mom is NOT scoring points here). Now Brianna is the only little girl without a tutu. What to do....

Make one! That is my goal for next Tuesday. Make Brianna at least one tutu. I'm going to buy the brightest pink tulle with plenty of sparkles to make the fullest, most dazzling, princess ballerina tutu she has ever seen. Maybe then I can get on her good side again. ;-)

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