Saturday, July 18, 2009

High School Reunion

Over the 4th of July I had my 10-year high school reunion. I'm from a small town in Maine called Millinocket. In the 10 years that have passed since graduating from Stearns High School I haven't ventured very far. My husband, two little girls, and I currently live just a two hour drive South from the town where I grew up. (We actually live in the area where he grew up!) Making the trip to Millinocket over the holiday weekend was fun. I still have family and friends up that way and try to make it up to visit every few months. It's tough with jobs, family, a school-aged child...etc. to get plans made to make it up there for more than just a day trip. We actually stayed three nights over the 4th which gave us plenty of time to visit with family and catch up with old friends.

I made this dress for my reunion, but didn't end up wearing it. The weather was dreary and cool. (Maine is having a VERY spring-like summer this year!) Our reunion was held at the local Elks hall. A night of friends, food, drinks, and dancing. It was a great time, I'm glad things worked out so that we could go. (Excuse the picture...I didn't photoshop the background out!)

I made this dress from silkies. Love, love that type of fabric!! It drapes so nicely and flows perfectly with movement. Dress skims the knee and has a low v-neck with wide sleeves that graze the elbows. I chose a bright pattern of white, gray, black, and fuschia which I absolutely love. Bottom band, sleeve bands, and collar were all done in black. Zipper closure in the back.

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