Saturday, November 22, 2008


My father-in-law came over to do a photo shoot this afternoon, so I have some new things listed on the website! I wanted to post some pictures of the backless hoodie I told you about earlier. Take a look below!

Right now I am super busy with special orders. I'll take some pictures as I get them finished. At the top of my custom order list are two cardigans, one in white, the other black. They have 3/4 length fitted sleeves and an asymmetrical hem. Very cute! The one I am currently working on is made of a white 100% cotton interlock material. Perfect to wear over a camisole or any kind of lightweight top. The collar is very long and scarf-like. This is an adorable design, can't wait for you to see it! For now though, check out the backless hoodie. It's comfortable and definately unique!

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