Friday, October 12, 2012

Busy Days!

I know I have been really behind on my posting, but I have been one busy lady lately! I introduced my new dance shorts the first week of October. They have been flying off the racks here! I am offering them in solid color bottoms with any band, or print color bottoms with any band. At $20-$22 a pair, you can't beat it! Plus, I offer a great deal if you purchase two pair of solids, get them for $35. Two pair of prints for just $40! These are currently available for sale on, by messaging me on FaceBook, and soon to be on the racks at Dancewear House in Hallowell, ME!

In addition to the wonderful things happening with dance shorts, I am in the process of drafting a fabulous yoga pant pattern. These should be available within the next couple of weeks in Juniors sizes with Womens to follow.

Insert Random Thought Here: Looking at my calendar I am seeing that we are halfway through the month of October already! Yikes! Time to get cranking on that costume that my daughter wants for Halloween.

I will also be working on two, possibly three special holiday items that will be shipping out to Blossom Studio in Brooklin as well as available on As of this moment, (you never know, I could have some new amazing idea five minutes from now) it looks like I will be putting out a short satin twist skirt in black and silver, a pair of black pinstripe pants with a red satin belt, and a crepe rhinestone tank that will go with either bottom. Because of the tank, I may also try to squeeze in some type of cardigan or shawl for arm cover.

Well, that's what's on my table right now!

Look for Eleventeen Apparel online as well as in these fabulous stores

-Blossom Studio, Brooklin, ME
-Dancewear House, Hallowell, ME

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