Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dance Shorts

My two little girls take ballet and tap dance lessons. A lot of the girls in their class have graduated from tutus to little "bootie" dance shorts. My kiddos have been begging me to buy them these shorts To wear with tights and tanktops. Being on the conservative side, I was hesitant to buy these particular shorts. On many occasions, while sitting in the lobby of the dance studio, I had seen children passing by to get to class with their little buns hanging out of their shorts! I am not okay with dressing my 5 and 7-year-old in shorts that won't even cover their underwear!

Being the mom that I am, I spent the next few days coming up with a pattern that offers a little more coverage, but still has the design and fit of dancewear.

My shorts are made of cotton/lycra. This fabric is stretchy, comfortable, and breathable. They handle sweat well and dry quickly. I made the inseam longer to prevent "peeking buns". The fitted thigh also limits ride-up.

Along with "peeking buns", I also saw quite a bit of "peeking crack" when the girls sat down. The shorts design that I offer has a more generous rise in the back, as well as a fold over waistband that can be adjusted to the dancer's liking.

My girls were eccstatic to wear their new shorts this week! If you are interested in having shorts made, I offer them in children's sizes and junior's sizes. There is a size chart and color chart on FaceBook so that you may order your custom pair! Pricing is affordable at $20/pair or 2 pair/$35 for solid colors and $22/pair or 2 pair for $40 for prints. These will also be available on later this week!




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