Monday, October 24, 2011


Costume time!! With a week left until Halloween I'm assuming that most people have purchased or made their Halloween costumes. I felt a little awkward this year...I purchased my own childrens' costumes! Unfortunately for them, I had costume orders coming in. By the time they had finally made decisions on what they wanted to be, I didn't have time in my schedule to make their outfits! Oh, the SHAME!! To be a mother that has a business dedicated to designing and constructing clothing, and could not cut out enough time to make costumes for her own kids!!

In the end, it boiled down to promises. I wasn't going to make a promise I couldn't them OR to myself. I also wasn't going to stress myself out staying up until 2 am the night before Halloween trying to get them finished.

Thankfully, they were both able to find costumes that they liked. (and they were 50% off, so I didn't feel like a real jerk spending a whopping amount of money on a cheaply made costume that will get one wear).

Next year, we'll decide on costumes in August!

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