Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fashion From Europe

My husband and I returned from our fabulous vacation on Saturday. We had such a wonderful time! Rome brought us back thousands of years. What an amazing experience to be standing in the Roman forum where so many had stood before us. The history was overwhelming, and the architecture much larger than pictures and video could show.

Fashion in Rome a lot of times brought me back to the 1990s. Lots of leggings in not just solid colors, but in prints. As for jeans, they were all super skinny jeans. I never once saw a pair of boot cut, straight cut, or flared jeans on a local. That goes for men and women...all skinny jeans. Many of the women rolled the bottoms of their jeans up. (I think we used to call that "French-rolling" back in my Jr. high days). Plenty of young women/men were seen wearing high top sneakers...something that Americans haven't embraced in quite a while. Men weren't afraid of color over there; I saw many men in brightly colored shorts.

Everyone was completely coordinated head to toe, whether dressed casually or headed to work. Scarfs in silks and cottons were seen everywhere and on everyone. Some of these had lacy trim on the edges, while others simply sported a rolled edge hem.

Jewelry was kept pretty minimal. Large earrings were commonplace. No one seemed to overdo it with jewelry. Everything was very tasteful and beautiful!

When in Rome, wear the Roman sandal! You'd be hard pressed to find a pair of rubber thong flip flops on any of the locals. Shoes and sandals always went perfectly with the outfit. Tons and tons of Roman sandals from casual looking, to ones with extreme heels. (which is another to walk in heels in Rome with all of their cobblestone streets!)

So, my prediction is to be on the lookout for printed leggings and high tops to be making a comeback in the States soon. We are so far behind when it comes to fashion. What Europe wears now, we will be wearing next season or possibly even next year.

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