Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Dresses Were Hung on the Clothes Rack with Care

The countdown begins! Seven days left until my first show. The August issue of Maine magazine is out and I have had the chance to take a peek at who I'll be showing my clothes along side of. I've never been part of a show before...I'm looking forward to showing my clothing in front of live people as opposed to strictly online!

As far as the production aspect is concerned, I am pretty much finished making everything that is coming with me next week. I have two convertible cowls left to finish and a sheer needs to be made to go with the brocade dress. Other than that I have a sampling of everything on my line sheet as well as a few random pieces that are one-of-a-kind.

Forms, tables, and paperwork! I have spent the last two mornings putting together my line sheet, style # sheet, order form, and sizing chart. Everything looks professional and I feel good about what I have on there. Let's hope something comes out of all that extra work!

I will be finishing some final details over the next week. I need to have my tickets and contest box ready for the brocade gown drawing. (Don't forget to buy your ticket to win that dress!) I also need to find a pair of shoes for cocktail hour.

All in all I am feeling confident in what I have made for the runway and what I will be showing at the trunk show.

It's not too late to buy your tickets! $25 at

See you there!

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