Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One down, one to go!

I love prom time! I love seeing the girls all excited about having hair and makeup done, and of course the beautiful gowns! The guys, of course are a different story...all uncomfortable-looking in their suits, and nervous about being stabbed by their date with the boutonniere. Hahahaha! Still, prom is a great time of year. I am lucky to have been asked to make a few gowns this year. The girls were wonderful to work with and the dresses came out beautiful! (Of course, the girls made them look even better!)

Here is a look at a dress I designed and created for the May 14th prom. This dress has a black spandex top with a floral satin piece starting at mid-bust and extending into a semi-fitted skirt. The skirt has a asymmetrical hem, shorter in the front, slightly longer in the back. This dress has a very low cut back with black spandex straps criss-crossing in the center and fastened with silver/rhinestone clasps. It looks gorgeous on her! I would wear this dress in a heartbeat!

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