Thursday, February 17, 2011

Name That Tune

I enjoy many types of music. I used to work at a music associates and I were a motley bunch. We were like pieces of a puzzle, each one of us contributing a uniqueness that, when put together, made something you couldn't stop staring at. We had varying musical tastes, (as well as expression of fashion and body art), and through the privilege of "in-store play" were able to expose one another to our favorite musical talents. Even though I didn't love every band or song that was played, it was great to experience music that I may have heard otherwise. Not to mention I ended up with some fantastic friends that I wouldn't trade for the world!

Fastforward five years later. I no longer work in the music store, but music is still a part of my everyday life. I love listening to music when I am sewing. I have a radio in my sewing room with a stack of cds next to it. Yes, I said cd IPod for met yet! Currently I have been listening to the new Train album. I have loved Train for many years...long before "Soul Sister". Think back to 1998's "Meet Virginia". Yeah, I've liked them that long.

Follow me on Twitter to see what is currently in my cd player on any given day. The variety will probably shock you. (My favorites are Van Halen, Incubus, and Dave Matthews Band).

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