Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, New Projects!

Happy 2011 everyone! I hope that you all had the best of holidays. I know that our family had a wonderful holiday season. We are looking forward to what the new year has in store for us.

At the end of last month I had been hinting around to a new project that was in the works. I did not want to divulge too much information in the case that the project fell through. Well, I am excited to reveal that I will be making 38 costumes for Stage Presence for Dancers opening number! My daughter, Brianna, dances there and I was asked by Heather, the owner/instructor, if I would be interested in making some costumes for her high school girls. Of course I jumped at the opportunity!

I just received my first shipment of fabric on Monday and have started the process of cutting the pieces for satin skirts with a double layer of tulle to go under them. Each skirt will have either a back bustle, a double back bustle, or a front apron. Every skirt will have a unique color combination. No two are alike! This is an original design that is going to look fabulous!

I am looking forward to posting pictures of the process. The girls will be having professional pictures taken at the end of March. I am aiming to have the majority (if not all) of the costumes completed by then. Keep checking back for updates on how assembly is going and I will try to have some pictures for you!

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