Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Countdown

December 20th. Where did the month go? I could've sworn we just finished our Thanksgiving turkey the other day. I feel like I haven't accomplished everything I wanted to do before Christmas, but then again, do I ever? I run around in circles trying to make sure everything is done and that I have covered all the bases of decorating, baking, gifts, cards, and cleaning (for any guests who may pop in). I promised myself that I would make my best attempt this year to cut out some of the things that cause me to stress out. I told my husband I was cutting back on the baking this year, but then I went and bought all of the ingredients "just in case" I changed my mind. In the end, I did all of the baking I hadn't planned on doing. I finished all of my shopping and wrapping ahead of schedule this year too. Weird. The only thing I ommitted this year was mailing out Christmas cards. I love Christmas cards, but just wasn't going to have the added stress of getting photo cards printed, going through my address book, standing in line for overpriced stamps, and making sure they were mailed on time. So, it's E-cards or no cards for everyone on my list this year!

My "still-to-do" list isn't very long, so I suppose I should feel good about it. I have jumpers to make for each of my girls. I have the fabric, notions, and pattern, I just haven't had the time to get in there and do it. Tomorrow is the last day I'm even going to think about having them finished in time for Christmas. I can't stress over it. They'll get to wear them at some point...maybe I'll make them a size larger and put them away for next year!

The last of my baking will be done on Christmas Eve. I usually make cinnamon rolls by making the dough in my bread machine. Last year my machine broke on Christmas Eve. I ended up making the dough by hand, and though it took a good part of the day, they were the best cinnamon rolls I've ever made. No need for a machine this year; I'll be making them from scratch again!

Hoping the last 5 days of your holiday preparations are enjoyable!

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