Monday, January 4, 2010

Fabulous Fleece

When in the midst of a big winter storm like the one we experienced this past weekend, nothing beats cuddling up in some cozy fleece clothes with a good book or a good movie...if you don't have kids. If you have kids like mine, they'll want to take advantage of all that fresh white snow. Here are some pieces I created over the weekend. Perfect winter-wear for snowman making, fort building, and snowball fights.

This vest is totally reversible. Pattern on one side, solid on the other. Warm and comfortable as outerwear on a mild winter day. Layer it over a thermal or a turtleneck and you are good to go! This can also be worn as a regular indoor vest. This is a child's size 5/6. Vest is available in other colors and sizes.

A fleece hat will surely keep that noggin' warm when playing outside. This is a flap-style hat with braided fleece strips on each side. Fleece pompom adorns the top. Matching mittens are also fleece. This particular pair is straight cut with a raw edge making tucking them into a coat a breeze! Mittens can also be made with elastic wrist band for a snug fit. Available in other colors and sizes.

Fleece items are not listed on Etsy as of today. Follow me on Facebook and place your earlybird order there, or look for these pieces at by January 9th!

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