Thursday, November 26, 2009


My daughter Brianna has the whole week of Thanksgiving off. In all the years I was in school we never had a whole week for Thanksgiving break. We were lucky to get Thursday (Thanksgiving Day), and the following Friday off. Times have changed!

I was aked my her Pre-K teacher to cover their "sharing book" over Thanksgiving break. The book is a small 3-ring binder filled with blank pages. The teacher sends home a book with the binder to a different student each day. The student and his/her parents are supposed to read the book together and then draw a picture with a sentence about their favorite part of the book. It's a great introduction to reading and recalling information.

I've never really done a "crafty" project like this before. I'm more into sewing projects than things that require hot glue. In fact, for this project I had to go out and purchase a hot glue gun because I didn't own one!
Getting down to business I covered the entire binder with a blue star-printed fabric. Using my applique' skills I made a nature scene with a large tree, water, cloud, animals, etc. It came out pretty cute. I just wonder how long it will be before the kids start picking off the applique's one by one! I think I'll offer to cover it for her again at the end of the school year so it will be fresh for next year's kids!

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